Postre Caramels Sea Salt Caramel Sauce Review

a Postre Caramels Sea Salt Caramel Sauce-2

The folks sent me a tube of Postre Caramels Sea Salt Caramel Sauce at my request. I was compensated in no other way for writing this review. Thank you. Postre Caramels Sea Salt Caramel Sauce What happens when two chefs move from the Pacific Northwest to Asheville, North Carolina? If you’re Joe Scott and Jamie […]

How to Pair Flavors, Part II


How I Learned to Pair Flavors Note: Unlike in How to Pair Flavors: Part 1 where I cite a lot of sources, most of what I’m going to say here in Part 2 is based on my experience alone and little tidbits gleaned from being in restaurants, both as a customer and someone working in […]

How to Pair Flavors, Part I | Fundamental Friday


Link to Part II How To Pair Flavors in Food, Part I I have had this post on my mind for some time, now. Thanks to friend, neighbor and reader Roberta for asking: “How do you know what flavors will go together?” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much the gist of it. I’d even broaden this to […]

Dessert Panzanella: Stone Fruit Panzanella Dulce

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I can barely believe another month has flown past and it is already time for another Progressive Eats progressive dinner! I’m especially excited about this month because, even though most of us are looking forward to cooler weather just around the corner, there is no doubt that it is still summer and there are beautiful […]

Mother Leavee’s Plum Kuchen | Throwback Thursday Food

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After Uncle Ray married Auntie Ev, his mother lived with them until her death. I never knew Uncle Ray’s mom as she was gone long before I showed up on the scene. By all accounts, she was a s a whole lot of formidable wrapped up in a tiny 4’10” package. And formidable undoubtedly was to be […]

The Best Hot Fudge Sauce in the World | Ice Cream Tuesday

The best hot fudge sauce in the world |

I have been so focused on posting ice cream that I have neglected ice cream toppings. The sauce I’m sharing today is actually one I shared way back in 2009, but it is worth talking about much more frequently than once every six years. This sauce is the sauce we used to make at the […]

Caramel Almond Butter Stracciatella | Ice Cream Tuesday (Wednesday Edition)

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There was no Ben & Jerry’s when we were kids. Think about that for a minute. Nobody made cookie dough ice cream. Or Caramel Sutra. Or Phish Food. Or Chunky Monkey. No. We had Baskin Robbins, and we had our own favorites there. Pralines and Cream if we were in a caramelly nutty mood.  Mint […]

No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip Granola Bars | Pacari Chocolate

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I was brand ambassador for Pacari Chocolate at the Food & Wine Festival in exchange for a reduced conference ticket price. Thank you. As many of you may know, I attended this year’s Food & Wine Conference in Orlando, FL a few weeks ago. I had applied to be a brand ambassador, and aside from […]

The Heart of the Food and Wine Conference 2015


This is supposed to be a recap post, where I tell you all about all the sessions and speakers, the meals, snacks, sponsors and fellow bloggers at the Food and Wine Conference. That’s not what I’m going to do though. I’m a rebel that way. If you would like a rundown of all the events […]