1. Ally says

    Jeni!  Luv your new website…it’s really sleek, chick and professional…whomever you had design and work on it, kudos! xox  Ally

  2. regina valletta says

    Jenni you’re a hoot and also a great teacher. I think after years of hit and miss, i finally understand why my cakes come out rubbery sometimes. I’m a pretty good savory cook. Measuring for sweets cramps my style…but as you explain, certain rules must be followed. thank you. carry on!
    regina valletta,
    rome, italy

    • says

      Aw, Regina! Thank you so much–this is now my new favorite comment ever! I’m so glad you’re finding an antidote to rubber cake syndrome and that I’ve been able to help and maybe make you laugh some! =)

  3. grace says

    I have a favorite vanilla cake recipe that is done through the reverse creaming method. I have made a about a dozen times. for some reason now I cannot bake this cake the batter gets thin where it should be thick – I have troubleshooted thinking it was ingredient temps, not that measured correctly I followed the steps to a T and I cannot find where I am going wrong. my question is this can I make this cake using a different creaming method? if so which one. your help and guidance is greatly appreciated. I love your webpage its awesome.

    • says

      Hi, Grace! Glad you like the site! I’d love to help out. It will be easiest if you can send me the recipe along with the procedure. Many cakes can be made using different mixing methods, but I’d like to see where we’re starting before making any changes. You can certainly post it in the comments, leave it on my facebook page or email it to me at onlinepastrychef at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  4. MaryLee Calmes says

    I am a diabetic, I am looking for a cool whip substitute for some of my low calorie desserts. I would prefer whipping cream but you add calories in the form of fat. My concern is whipping cream will weep over time in a jello salad for example.

    I have read your cool whip substitutes and which one will hold up and not weep?
    Thank you,

    • says

      MaryLee, this is a great question. All the subs I mention behave a bit differently–it’s definitely a trade-off from using Cool Whip or whipped cream. Are you looking for a low-sugar/low-cal option to put onto a dessert or to mix in as one of the ingredients? As a topping, I’d have to go with the coconut cream, maybe stabilized with a bit of gelatin to prevent weeping and sweetened with a touch of stevia or agave. Let me know your specific needs, and I’ll see what I can do for you!

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