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  1. Eddie Gilmore says

    Hello! I was searching the ‘net for how to make a chocolate covered persimmon candy and I found your site on Fruits de Pate.
    This looks like what I would need to cover with chocolate for my candy. There is a lovely lady named Ariana whom I like and I thought a unique candy made with persimmon would please her.
    Now that I am into research I am not finding much on persimmons. I have garnered about 6 Cups of puree from this year’s harvest left over from my pudding and cookie making for Thanksgiving.
    Do you have persimmons listed on that magical sheet of information described on your webpage?
    Also, I am curious about adding sugar to persimmons. Aren’t they already sweet enough? Mine are loaded with sugar. These are the Diospyros Virginiana variety that grows wild here in Kentucky.
    Can I just add pectin without the sugar? Will it still jell up without the sugar? I have never used pectin before. I have been making cookies and cakes and pastry for about 30 years but until now I limited myself to Springerlies, Charlotte Rousse, and persimmon cookies.
    Thanks for your time;
    Eddie Gilmore

    • says

      Hi Eddie! I’m so glad you found me! Sadly, I don’t have any info on persimmons, and I’ve only worked with them a handful of times. I know there is low-sugar pectin you can get that will gel without a ton of sugar, so that might be an option for you. Or you may consider making some persimmon jam or fruit butter rather than pates de fruit. I say that because persimmon has such a lovely texture that it might be nice to allow that to shine through as well as the flavor. Here’s a lovely slow cooker persimmon butter that will let the natural sweetness of your beauties shine through: I’m sorry I can’t help you more with a PdF version, but I do hope you’ll give the jam a go. I’m sure Ariana would enjoy a jar tied up with a beautiful red ribbon!

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