I’m honored to again be working with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to bring you this post featuring North Carolina Chicken, available at a farmers market near you!

Collage of Chicken meals from Local farmers market. #GotToBeNCChicken and #NCFarmersMarketChicken.

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Do you see all that deliciousness up there, you guys? All that gorgeous chicken? Oh, and duck. Not to mention all the vegetables. Not only is all this meat North Carolina Chicken (and duck), but it’s as close to you as your local farmers market.

That’s right. So many people do not even realize that meat is available at the farmers market. Because what do we usually think about? Fruits and vegetables, and maybe some canned goods or some herbs or perennials.

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I, along with some other North Carolina blogging buddies, are here to tell you that there’s chicken in them thar hills. As a matter of fact, there are about 1000 farms producing all sorts of food here in the Tarheel State. Of those, several hundred produce one or several different kinds of meat.

This month, we’re here to remind you:

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Not only is North Carolina chicken readily available at farmers markets throughout the state, most is raised by small farmers passionate about bringing healthy food to your family.

In this round up, not only will you get five incredible and easy to make recipes featuring meat and produce purchased at farmers’ markets, you’ll also learn a bit about the farmers who are raising this food with love and care. These dedicated folks are feeding us with love, and I guarantee you will be able to taste the difference.

Got To Be North Carolina Chicken at Your Local NC Farmer’s Market

Sheet pan chicken with roasted vegetables and rosemary sprigs.
  • Sheet Pan Chicken from Off the Eaten Path, featuring chicken from from Windy Hill Farm in New London, NC. There aren’t many dinners easier than a sheet pan dinner. And just look at what Chrissie has put together for us. All those vegetables and chicken from Windy Hill, tossed together and roasted. Minimal fuss. Maximum flavor. Please click through to see what the farmers at Windy Hill are up to. (Charlotte Regional Farmers Market)
Chicken and scuppernong grape dish with okra and herbed mashed potatoes.
Seared Peking Duck with fingerling potatoes and haricots verts with a white sauce on a white plate.
  • North Carolina Seared Duck Breast from The World on a Table. This is our lone duck offering featuring duck from Blue Whistler Farm in Bahama, NC. Hadassah has outdone herself with this one, you guys. Seared Peking Duck with Whiskey Glaze, Duck Fat Fingerlings, and Haricots Verts with White Sauce. Have mercy. It sounds fancy, but Hadassah will walk you through it, and you too will be enjoying this fantastic meal around your table. Please click through to get the recipe and to learn more about Blue Whistler Farm. (Durham Roots Farmers Market)
Farmers market chicken salad on a croissant.
Crispy roasted chicken with blueberry gastrique on a white platter.
  • Crispy Roasted Chicken with Blueberry Gastrique from Nik Snacks featuring chicken from Grace Meadow Farm in Westfield, NC. Y’all. Look at that perfectly crispy chicken. And if you don’t know what gastrique is, it’s a sweet-tangy sauce made with fruit, sugar, and vinegar, sort of like a shrub, but not as sweet. Perfect with the chicken. You’ll be wanting to make this for sure, you guys. Get Nikki’s recipe and learn more about Grace Meadow Farm by clicking through. (Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Farmers Market)

And that’s our tour of just a few of the many family-owned farms who are raising chicken and other poultry at farmers markets. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so make sure to check with your local poultry farmers to see if they raise turkeys seasonally.

I hope you learned a lot about North Carolina Chicken, and I know you were able to grab some creative and tasty recipes from my NC blogging buddies.

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Thank you for spending some time with me and the other Got to Be NC Bloggers to learn about North Carolina Chicken. Enjoy the recipes, and have a lovely day.

PS Thank your farmers! They’re doing wonderful, hard, necessary work!

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