Food52sday Recipe Inspiration: Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese

Don’t know what Food52sdays is? Read this. So this week, it’s The Beloved’s pick. But it might as well be mine, because when I saw him mulling over this recipe and one other, I was on The Side of this recipe. I mean: mashed potatoes? Yes. And caramelized onions? And goat cheese? It’s like the […]

Sunday (Sort of) Sippers: Moscato Gelée and a Wine-Themed Giveaway

The Beloved brought home a bottle of Moscato the other day. As a present, because he is The Best.  And I do love Moscato, but it’s winter, and in winter I prefer red wine. Or hot tea.  But I didn’t want the bottle to just loll about in the fridge, feeling all resentful of us.  […]


spat·u·la  (spch-l) 1. A small implement having a broad, flat, flexible blade that is used to mix, spread, or lift material.–credit A friend messaged me on facebook yesterday, wondering if she was the only crazy person in the world who owns 47 different spatulas. I assured her that she is Not.  I mean, just look […]

Food 52sday Recipe Interpretation: Pudding Chomeur

I took French for 3 years. The first sentence I ever learned to say was “Je vais à la plage.” I have just told you that I am going to the beach.  But it’s a lie. I don’t even really like the beach. I wish my first sentence had been “Je vais à la montagne….” I never […]

Blogging Ethics: Where I Stand

Where do I stand? (and why it matters) About three weeks ago this happened:  Someone with a fan page on facebook posted on my fan page wall saying something along the lines of Hey there.  Have your readers come see my page if they want great recipes for baking.  This hit me Wrong.  It seemed […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Cocoa Orange Cashew Torte

As I was lounging on the divan the other day, eating my ‘Shewtella off a spoon and feeling very smug that I was snacking on something closely resembling health food, I got an Idea.  And the idea came in Two Parts. Part 1: ‘Shewtella would taste lovely spread between layers of orange sponge cake. Part […]

Food52sday Recipe Inspiration: Pudding Chomeur

No idea what #Food52sday is? Allow me to Elucidate. Pudding Chomeur? I know, right–I hadn’t heard of it, either. But I’m not from Canada.  I bet that you’ve heard of it if you’re from Canada.  That and nanaimo bars, but that’s another story.  And if I were from Canada, I might just make pudding chomeur […]

Sundays Suppers (Monday Edition): Bloggers Are the Best, and A Tale of Two Croques

News Flash: The Carolinas are a Hotbed of Blogging.  There really are a ton of great people blogging in North and South Carolina. Some of them I know, and I’m sure that there are many I’ve not yet met.  And some of the ones I know know others that I don’t know, and so there […]

An Early Valentine’s Day Present to All of You: ‘Shew-tella. You’re Welcome

I bought a Big Ass Jar of Nutella at the local warehouse store last weekend. It contains 26 ounces of Nutella.  Or, should I say, it contained 26 ounces of Nutella. Because now it contains Zero Ounces. Because I shoved it in my face. In four sittings.  I’m pretty sure the Big Ass Jar of […]

Food52sdays Inaugural Recipe Interpretation: Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs

Last week, The Beloved chose Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs as the first Recipe Inspiration for our Food52sdays series. Well, we made it last night. And, Oh Dear Lord, was it good! I mean, honestly one of the Tastiest things either of us has eaten in Quite Some Time. The Beloved wanted to stick […]