Sometimes plating a dish can be the most daunting part of making a dish. You want it to look beautiful, but you’re just not sure how to do it. I’ve been there. I am still there, on occasion. So, I thought I’d let you in on a few plating tips and tricks I picked up working in restaurants. Hopefully my suggestions will spark ideas of your own. If you do come up with a cool dessert plating idea, I’d love to see them. Send me a pic at onlinepastrychef at yahoo dot com, and I’ll post them here and over on my facebook page. Enjoy!

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  1. That was quite enjoyable – so many different ways to present the same dessert. I think my favorite was the one in the glass..just because I more of my dessert LOL!

    Anyways, my question about presentation is more basic. I plan to offer my cheesecake to restaurants in the area and I have no idea on how I should present it when I deliver tthem. Should it be in reusable plastic boxes or paper boxes. Should it be in nice colored glossy paper boxes or just plain white. I guess, the basic question is, do restaurants care in what container their cakes arrive and do they want it cut for them or whole.

    Thanks for any advise you can give!!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! My gut response to your question is to package them in plain white boxes, maybe with a custom sticker closure w/your business info on it. You want to keep this part of your operation as simple (cheap) as possible. You’re not making any money on packaging, so keeping it simple to maximize your profits is the best way, I think.

      As to cutting them beforehand, for each extra piece the restaurant can cut out of the cake, the more money per cake they make to offset how much they paid you for it in the first place, so it’s really up to you. If you’ve built in an amount of profit that you’re happy with, I guess it doesn’t really matter. If you’re selling to them on a per-slice basis, then pre-cut the slices. If you’re selling by the cake, once you get paid, they can do whatever they want to with it!

      I hope that helps. Good luck! 🙂

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