ClubsGalore Mother’s Day Gift Ideas | Brownie of the Month Club


This is a sponsored post for ClubsGalore. I’m very happy to be working with them to tell you about their Mother’s Day promotion. I’m a member of a few groups that pair up brands with bloggers. If I see an opportunity that fits within my baking and cooking world and I know would be of interest […]

Short-Cut Desserts for Unexpected Company | What Can I Do For You Wednesday

Short Cut Desserts for Unexpected Company crop

This week, Gwen poses a Scenario and asks for some ideas. I have a couple hours or unexpected guests are coming. What is a quick easy sweet something to make? I love this, because it means I get to put on my thinking cap and come up with some short cut desserts for unexpected company. […]

Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake with Biscoff Ganache

biscoff cookie butter cheesecake featured 4

Any product links are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting what I do! I love cheesecake so much that I may have to start a cheesecake day on Ye Olde Blogge (and please weigh in on that if you would in the comments: yea or nay). I don’t even have to make a cheesecake for […]

How to Compose a Cheese Plate | Fundamental Friday

cheese plate feature

Okay, so maybe showing you how to compose a cheese plate isn’t the most fundamental of fundamentals, but there are some fundamental rules if you want to serve a balanced cheese plate or cheese course. Here are my rules. None are necessarily hard and fast, so consider them guidelines. Serve an odd number of cheeses. […]

Converting Bread Machine Recipes to Gluten-Free Recipes

gluten-free feature

I have a feature on the fan page on Wednesdays called What Can I Do For You Wednesday. Folks can ask questions, and I answer them. I have decided to move non time-sensitive questions (help! My cake is overflowing the pan! What should I do?!) over to the blog so that more folks can get […]

Last-Minute Easy Chocolate Mint Shamrock Hand Pies for St. Patrick’s Day

easy chocolate mint shamrock hand pies 013

This happens every year. A holiday approaches and I think “Man, I posted Stuff for that holiday last year. And the year before. I don’t have to do it this year, too!” And then, as I can almost see the holiday peering at me over the horizon, I start to feel guilty, like I’m doing […]

Ingredient Function: How Do Eggs Function in Baking? | Fundamental Friday


The egg is quite possibly the most versatile basic baking ingredient on the planet. I think it has to do with its having two parts: a fatty yolk and a proteiny, watery white. You can also use just yolks, just whites or a combination of the two. Where to begin? Like Maria, I say let’s […]

Thank you, Beloved, and Happy Birthday

baking is love

Tomorrow is The Beloved’s birthday, and today I will bake for him. I will bake for him because I love him. For me, baking is love. It is my way of showing people that I care, my way of showing him that I care. The act of combining ingredients so the flavors and textures complement each other is a metaphor for my relationships with others. Although sometimes we might like to, none of us exists in a bubble, We affect those who we’re closest to, and they affect us. We seek out our tribe, our people. We find those who complement us and some who provide contrast, a refreshingly–or frustratingly–different way of approaching the world. And we need both. We need the complementary. The supportive, the comfortable. And we need the contrast: the challenge, the spice.

In baking, we need both the complementary and the contrasting. We need harmonious flavors, but a little bit of the unexpected is a welcome addition. The chemistry of many cakes is actually based on contrast. An acid plus a base give us bubbles to leaven.

I never thought of it that way. And Happy Birthday to The Beloved.

Do I Really Have to Sift Flour? | Fundamental Friday

FF sifter featured

Do I really have to sift my flour? Usually said with a whiny tone. I know because I get that tone too. I am here to help on this Fundamental Friday, so let me enlighten you that you may whine no more. Or at least less.

I’ve always wondered about this. Tell me!

Key Lime Pie Doughnuts | #OXOCookware Test Drive

key lime pie doughnuts 8

Sometimes my head is only barely attached to my body. The lovely blogger liaison lady from OXO reached out to ask if bloggers would like a chance to review the new #OXOCookware. We were to fill out a short survey saying which piece of cookware we’d like to take for a spin and also what we’d make with it. I gave it some thought, dashed off my answer, and promptly forgot what I had said.

When I got the email saying that I’d been accepted for this promotion (yay!) I then realized I’d completely forgotten what I said I was going to make. Nice. So, I emailed Veronica and told her the dog ate my homework and I couldn’t remember what I had responded on the survey.

She emailed back and said not to worry and that I could make anything I wanted. But she also said I had answered “I would make a fruity pastry cream that would then be used as a filling for doughnuts.” I quite liked that answer as it was like the first time I’d ever heard it. Rather than make a “fruity pastry cream” though, I decided to go with a curd. Key lime curd, to be exact. The schmancy kind we used to make at the restaurant with white chocolate and some creme fraiche in it. Except I used sour cream and you can too.

Before I tell you about the curd and the subsequent doughnuts, let me tell you about this pan.

You forgot what you said you would make? Nice. Now tell me about this pan and bring on the doughnuts!