Cooking Intimidation: Lost Amongst the Trees

Chefs are cocky.  Look at Anthony Bourdain. Cocky. Bobby Flay? Way cocky. The chefs I’ve worked for? Nice guys, but cocky. Arrogant, even.  And even the ones that aren’t overtly cocky are Supremely Confident. Hello, Thomas Keller. His economy of movement and calm demeanor in the kitchen are a testament to his incomparable mastery of […]

Food 52sday Recipe Inspiration: Barbacoa Beef Cheek Tacos

So, what’s Food52sday anyway? The first time I had beef cheeks was at Le Coq au Vin, a Schmancy French restaurant in south Orlando. It was at a Beaujolais Nouveau release party and was one of the courses in a 5 course meal–each course paired with a “young and exuberant” Beaujolais Nouveau wine.  I wasn’t […]

Saxapahaw and The Ideal Sandwich

On first glance, Saxapahaw, a tiny town of maybe 1100 folks nestled in a bend of the Haw River in Alamance County, NC, seems just like any other small town in the rural south.  Drive into town from the east, and there’s a gas station on your left. Except instead of “Texaco,” a banner proclaims […]

Food52sday Recipe Interpretation: Lemon Posset with Blueberry Gelée

I had a great time playing with the posset possibilities. The Posset-bilities, as it were. Even though this is a cream-based dessert, the flavor was bright and lemony and absolutely would work well with lime and maybe even passion fruit, although I haven’t tried it. Since we had lovely blueberries from our produce box, and since […]

Green Veggie Stir Fry with Eggs: Sunday Suppers–Warm as Life

Sometimes when things are as warm as life, there is a little poo.  This is a part of knowing where your food comes from, and it’s okay. Just wash your eggs. This morning, as The Beloved and I were sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee before we started on The Day, we […]

Fear Factor

Friends, I am sad.  There are other words I could use: disappointed, disheartened, frustrated, angry. But right now, at my core, I am sad. You see, I live in North Carolina. I love living here. Truly I do.  My family is here. My friends are here. Our home and our kittens are here.  Yet I […]

Strawberry-Moscato Pound Cake

I don’t remember the exact events that led to this fun Let’s Blog Together project, but I do know that it started, as these things are often Wont to Do, with a picture. And a name: Moscato Pound Cake. Right?! How can you say no?  The lovely Terra from Cafe Terra said, “Hey, we should […]

Food52sday Recipe Interpretation: Caramelized Pork Bánh mì

No that’s not cheese, sillies! It’s lovely shaved pickled carrots! Bánh mì, like tagine, has two meanings. As a tagine is a cooking vessel and the name of a dish cooked in Said vessel, Bánh mì is both a Vietnamese take on a French baguette and a sandwich made on Said bread.  French mayonnaise and […]