Hello, tasty homemade ice cream tacos! You’ll love the authentic Mexican flavors of horchata and Abuelita hot chocolate in these tasty dessert tacos! Don’t miss the round up of all my ice cream recipes. ice cream tacosHappy Ice Cream Tuesday and Happy Taco Tuesday! My friends Lenny and Denise from Chez Us invited me and several other fantastic bloggers to guest post for them on Taco Tuesdays while they are off and away on a big old vacation. I hope they’re having a fantastic time. Hi guys! Anyway, for my offering, it seemed only natural to post a recipe that can do double-duty for both Ice Cream Tuesday and Taco Tuesday: ice cream tacos! My version is a vanilla-fudge swirl ice cream with a Mexican twist. The vanilla is played my milky-creamy-cinnamon-scented horchata ice cream and the fudge swirl is played by a concentrated version of the Mexican hot chocolate drink, Abuelita. The two marry perfectly and live in a cinnamon “waffle cone” taco shell. Waffle cone in parentheses because I don’t have a waffle cone maker. Still, they work just fine when you spread the batter out really thinly onto parchment and bake them at 350F.ice cream tacosIf you don’t feel like making tacos, because it is a bit of futzing about, you can always just layer the ice cream base in with the swirl after churning, then freeze and scoop like “regular old ice cream.” Except for super delicious. Whether you’re going all-in with the tacos or just making the ice cream, please head on over to Chez Us for the recipe, and please wish them a wonderful time on vacation! Thanks so much for stopping in today; have a lovely day!ice cream tacos

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