Pretty Woman Cookies

No, not because they’re hookers. Because they’re not. They’re cookies. But, remember the scene in which Vivian first meets Edward? They’re in pre-Costanza Jason Alexander’s car, and Edward asks her what her name is. Her answer: “What do you want it to be?” Which really means, “I am a blank slate onto which you may […]

Food52sdays Recipe Inspiration: Caramelized Pork Bánh Mì

What the heck is Food52sday? Yes, you read that right: Car-a-mel-ized Pork Bánh Mì.  When The Beloved and I were leafing through the Food52 Cookbook (before I gave it away), we almost didn’t need to read the ingredient list.  The title alone says it all.  It’s a Gestalt Title.  Crispy/tender pork tenderloin piled up on […]

Brewers’ Bread

I just now made up that name. Brewers’ Bread. Nice, huh? Bread and beer are closely related and share almost the same ingredients. And this Particular bread has even more in common with beer than most since I used the spent grains from The Beloved’s latest Brewing Escapade in the dough. To brew beer, you […]

Food52sday Recipe Interpretation: Rosemary Whole Wheat Ciabatta with ESB

I love Food52sdays! Have I told you that? I mean, the recipe inspirations are all so good that it’s really hard to go wrong. I’ve yet to run across a Bum Recipe, and that can’t always be said for recipes printed in cookbooks. Nice job, editor people! The recipe inspiration this week was from ChezSuzanne […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Morning Edition): Rice Pilaf with Spring Vegetables

On Saturday, The Beloved and I went to visit Uncle Ray at his nursing home and Auntie ‘Leenie at her nursing home.  As we always do, we picked up Eileen and headed over to Uncle Ray’s for about a 45-minute visit before whisking Eileen off to lunch. She turned 92 on Friday, and to help […]

Food52sdays Recipe Inspiration: Fosemary Ciabatta with Stout Beer

What’s Food52sday? Read all about it here. I know I start all of my Food52sdays posts with “I am so excited about this week’s recipe,” so I won’t make you read that beginning again. Friends, I think that you will be very excited about this week’s Food52sday recipe inspiration!  (See? I’m not in a rut)! […]

Seriously Citrus Buttercream

You know how when you have lemon icing it is…underwhelming? It tastes kind of fakey and chalky.  And then you’re sad.  Same goes for key lime.  Or any other tangy goodness, for that matter. The sharp wonderfulness of citrus seems to get muted by all the powdered sugar and butter and Other Stuff.  A teaspoon […]

Food52sday Recipe Interpretation: Mixed Citrus Sabayon Tart

Hello, and Happy Food52sday! What’s better than a buttery/crumbly square of shortbread topped with a layer of tangy fruit curd?  A slice, that’s what.  I really wanted to use rhubarb for the curd as in the Recipe Inspiration, but it’s not quite in season yet, so I went with mixed citrus: grapefruit, orange and a […]