Introducing Food52sdays and The Inaugural Inspiration Recipe: Moroccan Merguez Ragout with Poached Eggs

Welcome to Food52sdays!  This is how I think this is gonna work, although we might have to do some tweaking. Suggestions are welcome, by the way. At any rate, The Beloved and I poked through our copy of The Food52 Cookbook (before I regifted it) and came up with a short list of 20-21 recipes […]

Middle of the Night Awesome Idea: Mango Lassi Genoise

I grew up eating straight-up UhMERkin food. Solid. Filling. Nourishing. But not exotic. And honestly, as a kid, exotic would have scared me. But still.  I don’t think I even had “Chinese” food–and by “Chinese,” I mean sweet and sour chicken–until I was in college. I had tacos maybe 14 times over the course of […]

Introducing The Mighty Rhino!

The Beloved was feeling cookie-ish on Sunday, so I told him I’d Come Up With Something on Monday for him to munch on throughout the week. Because I am an Awesome wife. Also, I enjoy cookies. I love it when my self-interest dovetails with my being a Devoted Spouse. Y’all know I don’t really like […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Edition): Chicken Soup with Kale

Even reconstituted, the soup still turns to Jell-o in the fridge. Nice! I made some stock the other day. A ton of it.  Probably close to three gallons.  We just recently have been getting rid of our plastic kitchen storage in favor of glass, and I just don’t have enough of the glass containers lying […]

On Cooking without Eating. And Some Potato Soup.

Here it is, Day 8 of 10 of The Master Cleanse. I have swallowed no solid food since Thursday evening, January 5. When I started this whole thing, it was an impulsive move. I had been reading about it and Pondering the idea of it and researching it, and then I just said, “What the […]

Finding The Balance for The Balanced Pastry Chef

Click the picture for attribution.  Thanks, DigitalNative for the fantastic photo. You may or may not have noticed that I changed the name of my blog from Pastry Methods and Techniques to The Balanced Pastry Chef. I changed the name after really coming to understand on a deep personal level that food can heal, and […]

Sunday Suppers: Citrus-Fennel Pollen Roasted Chicken

Friends, it is a sad, sad day when I have to report that I roasted a beautiful chicken in a cast iron skillet and then didn’t get to eat any of it. Not even a taste. You see, I am doing the Master Cleanse right now, and that means No Food crosses these lips.  I […]