Sunday Suppers, Tuesday Edition: 2-for-1 Tomato Soup

Irene blew through here on Friday night/Saturday.  She knocked down neighbor Thomas’s tree. We weren’t overly surprised, since the tree had been Struck By Lightning just a few weeks before.  I tweeted about that, and a friend said that we should get some of the wood, since it had been touched by all the elements: […]

Seven Posts

My friend Camille, from Croque Camille, has tagged me. I’ve been hit! And, as I await Aid in the ER, I am supposed to share with you Seven posts, each of which must meet certain criteria. It’s a blogging retrospective, if you will, and I will attempt to meet the terms of the challenge before […]

Sunday Suppers: Shortcut Risi e Bisi Breakfast

Real Italian rice and peas is made like risotto using fresh pea stock, made from boiling pea pods in salted water or chicken stock, for the liquid along with pancetta for flavor.  I’m sure it is Amazing–I love fresh spring peas. But, it is: Not Spring and I only own frozen peas So, rather than […]

Coconut-Lime Cupcakes with Cucumber-Lime Buttercream: Who Says You Can’t Have Vegetables for Dessert?

So a few days ago, I had this thought about making this crazy cupcake flavor. Which is weird for me, because I don’t make cupcakes. Ever. What?!  I don’t, okay?  Anyway, here was the thought process. Coconut tastes much more coconutty with lime in it.  Because of that song.  (Click that link–it’s the Muppets!) And […]

Sunday Suppers: Philly Cheese Steaks, My Way

As a part of the #apieformikey celebration of loved ones, I made The Beloved a special meal to eat before the pie.  We shared the pie with our wonderful neighbors, but dinner was for us alone.  We enjoyed a lovely piece of grass-fed, pasture-raised, happy New York strip (his name was Clement) with roasted garlic […]

Peanut Butter Pie for My Beloved, for Mikey and for Linda (but she can only look at it)

@manda2177 is compiling a list of all the #apieformikey posts over at her place. Please stop by and share in the love.  The Food Network folks are doing the same, as well. Blogging is a weird thing.  Tweet with someone two or three times, and you feel as if you know them.  Friend them on […]

Cinnamon-Orange Pound Cake–Pushing Back the Darkness with Pure, Simple Goodness

The first week in August, 2011 is behind me, and I was enjoying watching it recede in my rear-view mirror.  It was a rough one, what with losing Woods and my friend’s daughter’s diagnosis with leukemia, a disease with which my family is achingly familiar. As I turned on the computer this morning to check […]

The Four Pounds of Cheese Project: What A Week It Was

What started out to be a fun little project to help me be mindful of the food that we waste turned out to be much more.  For one thing, lots of folks decided to participate. And that is amazing. For another thing, I was surprised by how mindful I was about our waste knowing that […]

Sunday Suppers Inspired by The Four Pounds of Cheese Project: Vegetable Jumble

Reminder:  If you are participating in Four Pounds of Cheese, please post your end-of-week reflections to the event page. Thank you! As you know, I am participating in The Four Pounds of Cheese Project, wherein I am photographing my food waste every day for a week. Today is the last day of the project, and […]