Ermine Frosting: Happy Birthday Webby

Update: Even though Angel Tears Frosting is a great name, I have since found out that this frosting is actually called ermine frosting. Eureka! As I was lounging on the divan and eating bon bons the other day, Beekeeper Thomas called me up and asked if I could make a cake for him.  Talking with […]

Sunday Suppers: Baked Pasta with Vegetarian “Meat” Sauce. Or The Pasta I Could Not Stop Eating.

You know how sometimes it gets close to dinner time and you think, “Oh, poo.  I haven’t made anything, and The Beloved might starve?”  Well, this happens to me on a Frequent Basis.  When this happens, I generally turn to Some Sort of Pasta.  As a result, we eat Lots of pasta at our house.  […]

Dessert Components: Pastry Dough, Part Deux

Click to read Part 1, addressing pie crust and laminated dough. Finally, I am getting around to Part 2 of the Big Old Subject of pastry dough.  As I mentioned in Part: The First, this subject is much broader than One might think.  When considering pastry dough, most folks think of pie crust and then […]

Sunday Suppers (Monday Edition): Baked Eggs. And Bees. But Not Together.

Yesterday, our neighbor Thomas got his bees!  He raised bees last year, but then sent them Elsewhere for the winter because he wanted to start fresh with a cool new Top Bar Hive.  No more white boxy boxes for him, no sir.  He has a very cool Mt. Ararat-looking Bee Ark. And now, he has […]

PMAT Investigates: MilkiLeaks*–From Whence Cometh Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Photo by Dave Wild It smells like babies.  It creams AND sweetens your coffee in one Fell swoop.  It’s beige.  It comes in a weird sized can.  It’s sweetened condensed milk, and the label would have you believe that it’s milk that has been sweetened and condensed. But these days, all that is just marketing […]