Wednesday Night Supper: Vegetarian Stuffed Poblano Peppers

stuffed poblano

Well, hi there friends.  It has been a few days, and One can only rest on one’s Cranberry Ketchup Laurels for so long, so… I was Ever So Slack last week and left you without a Sunday Supper.  For that, and for all the other ways I am sometimes slack, I apologize.  Please accept this […]

What To Do with a Bag O’ Cranberries, Part Deux, or Cranberry Ketchup, or Why "Tomato" is an Adjective in the Phrase "Tomato Ketchup"

cranberry ketchup recipe

I was considering ketchup the other day.  Of course I was.   I mean, who doesn’t?  Right?  Ahem. At any rate, it’s often written as tomato ketchup on bottles.  Sure, we shorten it to ketchup:  “Hey, pass the ketchup,” “Oh poo, I got ketchup on my tie.”  See?  But the fact remains that the word tomato […]

PMAT Live! Episode 3b After the Twist (The Highly Anticipated Sequel to "Doin' the Pretzel Twist")

Yes, friends, it is finally here.  Between the foster cats and the deaths and What Not, it has taken me awhile to get around to the actual baking of the pretzels.  But, it’s done.  And they are Awesome. Here’s a story to Illustrate their Awesomeness.  I took two over to Chuck and Susan’s, and only […]

The Beloved’s Birthday Dessert Extravaganza Plus The Weeping Radish.

ocean off Kitty Hawk, OBX, NC

The Beloved’s birthday was this past Friday, the 12th.  As part of our celebration, I created a Big Ass Dessert for him.  Well, let me amend that.  It wasn’t so much one Big Ass Dessert as it was Individual Desserts.  But, it had a lot of layers, so that has to count for something, right? […]

The Anita Bryant Sunshine Pound Cake: Every Pound Cake I Bake, I Bake It For You

Okay, I might be the only game in town that revisits the humble pound cake on a regular basis.  But, you’ll thank me.  Honest.  Soon, all of you I Don’t Bake people will be riffing on the basic pound cake and coming up with All Manner of Variations because I refuse to let the subject […]

Winter Leaves

winter leaves

It is sometimes the way of things for a late frost to cut down nascent buds, and we mourn lost potential. It is sometimes the way of things for the storm to rip young leaves off slender branches, sending them plummeting prematurely, and we know it wasn’t their time. But when Nature’s plan is fully […]

Garnish: It’s More Than Just a Sprig O’ Mint

dessert garnishes

Growing up, I thought that garnish was green frilly stuff.  It was the anemic lettuce leaf under the crab salad, the parsley nestled between the steak and potato, the mint shoved into the whipped cream on top of the chocolate cake. My definition stayed narrow until I met Monsieur Escoffier.  Okay, I didn’t actually meet […]

The Weekend: Parents, Plants and Pasta. And Freddie. And Adam.

black and white kitten

Yes, The Beloved and I hosted my esteemed mother and father this weekend.  We had a lovely time.  They left their dog, China, at home so they could enjoy our “children” without worrying about cat-dog animosity.  That worked out beautifully.  The grandparents were able to hang out with our kids without hurting China’s feelings.  So […]