The Great Search Term Round Up: Volume 4

I love the end of the month.  For 14 seconds, we have money, until it all goes out the door to pay the bills.  Also, it’s the cusp of a new month, and that’s exciting.  Last but not least, it’s time for the search term round up.  I have gotten to the point that I […]

U-PMAT Class EF102-A&B, Offering Certification in Egg White Foams by way of Discussions of Macarons and Soufflés.

Welcome to U-PMAT Certification Class EF102-A&B in which you will be Conversant with–nay, Eminently Qualified* for–making Items based on Egg Foam.  Qualification:  We shan’t be covering sponge cakes, genoise, et al, in EF102-A&B as that was covered in EF101, here.  Right then.  Pencils at the ready?  Let’s begin, shall we. Ahem.  I got a great […]

Sunday Sippers: Pitcher Mojitos

So, I’m back from the beach.  I got home Friday, and The Beloved had already left to go brew beer with his brewing buddy in Charlotte, so I had the place to myself until earlier today.  Guess what I did?  Nothing.  It was Awesome.  I have pulled myself away from my Intense Pursuit of Slothfulness […]

A Short Hiatus. Very Short. You Probably Won't Even Realize I've Gone Anywhere. But Just In Case You Do…

…I will be at The Beach!  I’m leaving very shortly.  Not with The Beloved.  With my best friend.  I have a trashy romance novel, plus another not-so-trashy novel.  I have my camera.  I have my phone and our GPS, Bambi, so I won’t get lost.  What I won’t have is a Connection to the Hinternet.  […]

ReddiWip? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ ReddiWip. Around These Parts, We Whip Our Own Cream.

[youtube=]Fun Whipped Cream music for your listening pleasure. When a company substitutes fake words, such as “Reddi” for “Ready” and “Wip” for “Whip,” rest assured that they are Toying with You.  Case in Point:  Krispy Kreme.  Don’t get me wrong; I am a Huge Fan of the Krispy Kreme Donut.  If I had to choose […]

These Ice Cream Treats Are Only "Guilt-Free" if You Are Medea.

First, the good news:  Big Congratulations go to Anna from Very Small Anna for knowing that Cool Whip should never be considered an appropriate topping for anything.  Yay, Anna!  By the way, friends, Anna is off to culinary school at the French Culinary Institute this fall.  She’s gonna be a star–she has both skill and […]

Cobbler Redux: An Example of The Biscuit Method (plus another method and a few techniques)

There were some lovely, lovely plums at the store on Sunday, perfectly ripe and fragrant.  While some might choose to use the plums in a salad, not a bad idea, I always lean towards dessert.  So, I bought ten of them and prepared to make Cobbler Happen.  Again.  In my book, you just can’t have […]

Sunday Sides: Marinated vegetables

Well, we harvested the produce that the deer, rabbits and birds didn’t harvest first:  cucumbers.  They are lovely, but they stand alone.  We had visions of gazpacho made with our own tomatoes and sweet peppers as well as the cucumbers, but alas, the Local Fauna have crushed our dreams.  So then, the question became, “What […]