Leftover Turkey Dinner Pie

All the fixin's in a  stuffing crust!


Turkey Dinner Pie is a fun way to serve all the elements of a Thanksgiving meal in a one-dish presentation. You can make it for the main event, or you can use this idea to use up leftovers.

My pie has stuffing crust and is filled with sweet potatoes, peas, turkey breast, Craisins, and gravy and is topped with a generous amount of mashed potatoes. Feel free to make substitutions.

For example: Rather than Craisins, use cranberry sauce. Love green beans or green bean casserole? Add some! Do you have ham for Thanksgiving? Use that instead of turkey.


First, make the crust. If your stuffing is very "chunky," pulse it in a blender or food processor with stock and an egg. Press into your pan and bake until set and golden brown.

Layer in the rest of the ingredients and pour gravy all over everything. Now all it needs is its "lid" of fluffy mashed potatoes.

If you aren't using leftovers, you'll need to mash 4 good-sized Russet potatoes to make a nice, thick layer. Don't forget to pour gravy all over everything!

Bake your turkey pie at 400F for 30 minutes tented with foil, and then for 30 more minutes at 375F. For cleanest slices, let the pie sit for 30 minutes before cutting and serving.

Sometimes we make this turkey dinner pie for our actual Thanksgiving dinner. Other times, we use leftovers. Either way, it's a fun and delicious way to enjoy turkey and carbs!

Readers Love This Recipe! Many people have made this pie a part of their Thanksgiving tradition. Now it's your turn!

Look at these versions. Use my recipe as a guide but have fun with it. So many variations await, including individual servings. See the next slide for more Thanksgiving recipes.

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