The Muffin Method: How To, Tips & Recipes

The Muffin Method is the mixing method to use when you are making a batter that: >contains liquid fat >contains relatively little sugar Think muffins, pancakes, and some quick breads.

First, whisk dry ingredients together in a large bowl. Dry ingredients are usually: flour baking powder baking soda sugar salt spices


Next, whisk wet ingredients together in another bowl. Wet ingredients can include: milk eggs liquid fat (including melted butter) extracts


Fill tins almost to the tops. Bake in a hot oven--400F-425F--to encourage them to rise high with a domed muffin top.


It's fine to have a few lumps in the batter. Overmixing even by a bit can yield tough muffins. Once you mix the batter, get it in the oven quickly to preserve all the bubbles in the batter.


Make your pancake batter the same way: Mix dry ingredients. Mix wet ingredients. Pour wet into dry. Fold gently. Cook on a hot griddle.

Add pancake mix-ins after you put the batter on the griddle. Just sprinkle some blueberries (for example) on top before flipping. See the next slide for more recipes using the muffin method.

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