Classic English Christmas Trifle Recipe

Our Family's Traditional Recipe

Trifle is a British dessert that consists of layers of cake, jam, custard, gelatin, fruit, and whipped cream. Not all elements have to be in every trifle. I'll show you how our family makes ours.

Here's what you'll need to make this traditional British dessert. See the next page for amounts.

First layer together cake with sherry and jam. Repeat with more cake, sherry, and jam. Make custard and pour that on top. Chill to set and top with whipped cream.

Ingredients for the Custard

>4 c milk >1 c sugar >4 egg yolks >1 tsp salt >4 Tbsp cornstarch >4 tsp vanilla

Whisk together all custard ingredients except for the vanilla. Pour the vanilla into a pitcher and place a strainer over the top.

Switch to a spatula to avoid bubbles, and bring to a boil, stirring contantly. Let the custard boil 2 full minutes.

Strain custard through the fine mesh strainer into the pitcher with vanilla in it. Press all the custard through. Scrape the back of the strainer to get it all!

Pour custard onto the trifle in an even layer. For a 9 x 13 pan, you'll need the 4 cups of milk recipe. For this smaller pictured dish, you can make 3 cups worth of custard.

Chill until pudding is set, at least 4 hours. Spread whipped cream onto the trifle or pipe it on decoratively.

You can also make individual trifles by layering rounds of cake and jam into individual dishes. Then pipe on some whipped cream.

Get the recipe for this delicious English trifle by clicking below. See the next slide for more Christmas desserts. Thanks for your interest!

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