Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Minimize kitchen time to maximize family time!

These receipes are all make-ahead, so all you have to do is bake or reheat on Christmas morning. Here we go!

Moravian Sugar Cake is the best coffee cake for Christmas morning. Make a day or two before, then cut slices and heat them in butter in a skillet for an irresistible treat!

This savory breakfast casserole features layers of potato, sausage, spinach, bread and cheese. Assemble the day before and bake on Christmas morning.

A holiday deserves fancy toast! Make this cinnamon swirl bread, slice, and freeze. Then toast on Christmas morning to have with butter and jam or make cinnamon toast!

These peanut butter sweet rolls are gluten-free and can be made several days ahead, frozen, thawed the day before, and then reheated on Christmas morning.

Overnight baked steel cut oats with dried fruits and fruit cake spices is the perfect breakfast to throw together the night before and bake in the morning.

French toast cups are an easy treat. Bake them up and then fill them with your choice of fruits or jams. Serve with whipped cream and maple syrup!

Make this delicious challah bread pudding with your favorite seasonal fruits. Bake the day before and reheat on Christmas morning!

These potato cinnamon rolls stay soft and gooey for a few days, so make them ahead and microwave them for a gooey Christmas morning treat!

I hope I've given you some great Christmas breakfast options! Thanks for being here, and please connect with me on social. I'd love to see you!