The Best Chocolate Yule Log Recipe

Moist, and Naturally Gluten-Free!

In parts of Europe, a log was burned at night from Christmas to Twelfth Night. Next year's log was lit with what was left of last year's log. The French keep the tradition alive in cake form!

My yule log recipe has 4 parts: >Naturally gluten-free chocolate cake >Cranberry-Raspberry Filling >Chocolate Ganache Icing >Decorations

Prepare your pan for baking. Whip yolks and sugar until thick.

Fold in melted and cooled chocolate. Whip whites to stiff peaks with sugar, vanilla and cream of tartar. Fold together and bake.

Whip cream and mascarpone together, fold in cranberry sauce and chopped raspberries, spread onto cooled cake and roll up. Cut a piece off and attach with some filling.

Make ganache and chill until spreadable. Spread onto the outside of the cake. Leave ends unfrosted so you can see the roll and filling. Make "bark" using the tines of a fork. Decorate as desired.

Decorate with whipped cream, raspberries, and sugared cranberries. Spoon on whipped cream and place berries randomly. Dust with powdered sugar.

Reader rendition decorated with sugared cranberries, strawberries, and non-toxic leaves.  So pretty!

Another reader's version decorated with whipped cream, meringue mushrooms, and raspberries. Almost, but not quite, too pretty to eat!

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