The Best Potato Sandwich Bread Recipe

The Perfect Loaf for Sandwiches or for Toasting

This recipe makes enough dough to make two full loaves. If you don't want 2 loaves, you can easily half the recipe. If you make 2, bread does freeze very well, so you can save a loaf for later!

You'll need flour, butter, potato, yeast, salt, sugar, oil, potato cooking water, and eggs.

The dough is easy to make. Put all the ingredients in your mixer bowl (or a large bowl if making by hand). Mix and then knead until the dough is soft, shiny, and stretchy.

How to Shape the Loaves

After the first rise, press dough into rectangles, roll up, place in pan/s, let rise, and bake.

While still warm, brush the crust with melted butter.  This keeps the crust nice and soft once the bread  cools completely.

Potato sandwich bread toasts up beautifully. Even though it's soft, it's sturdy enough to make a sandwich without toasting. A wonderful loaf to make and keep on hand!

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