The Best Easy Pizza  Dough Recipe

This pizza dough recipe is very easy to make and, more importantly, easy to work with. The recipe makes enough to make 2 12" thin-crust pizzas. But you can scale it up if you need to!

This pizza dough bakes up nice and crisp on the bottom. It's important to bake on a smoking hot pizza stone so you can get a little char on your crust. It adds so much flavor!

You'll need: >Bread flour >All-purpose flour >salt >Instant or active dry yeast >Cold water >Olive oil

The instructions are simple. Put all the ingredients into the bowl of your stand mixer. Mix on medium-low speed for 8 minutes, and then on medium speed for 4 minutes. Done!

Divide dough into two equal pieces. Shape each into a ball, cover, and let rise until doubled. Once doubled, it's ready to shape. Start shaping with your fingertips.

Once you have the dough stretched to about a 12" circle, put it on a flour-dusted peel (or whatever you have). Shake it frequently to make sure the dough doesn't stick as you top your pizza.

When it's time to top your pizza, use a little restraint. You don't want to overload the dough, so go easy on sauce and toppings.

Slide your topped pie off the peel onto the smoking hot stone using a quick, jerking motion. Bake on the lowest rack at the highest temp your oven will go.

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