The Best Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Rich & Silky No Raw Eggs

Classic Chocolate Mousse is made with raw yolks and whites.  For people who are concerned about food safety, using a cooked egg base is the way to go.

Here are the ingredients you'll need to make this recipe.

First, you'll make a rich, not too sweet custard, very similar to a creme Anglaise. Strain the custard over a bowl of chopped chocolate and vanilla.

Let the hot custard melt the chocolate for a minute, and then stir everything together until you end up with a super-rich chocolate custard.

Whip your cream to soft peaks, pour in the cooled custard, and then fold the mixtures together until no white streaks remain.

Now pour or scoop the mousse into containers. Fancy dinner? Use cut glass wine glasses. Country picnic? Use cups or ramekins. Your choice!

No matter how you serve them, know that you will be having the creamiest, dreamiest, best chocolate mousse around. It is so good!

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