The Best Brown Butter Ever

with a secret ingredient for more flavor

It's the browning of the milk solids in butter that gives that wonderful, nutty flavor to brown butter. Adding more milk solids (powdered milk) to your butter really amps up the flavor!

Add your butter to the pan. If it is cold, adjust the heat to medium so it will have a chance to melt completely before it starts to brown.

Once your butter is completely melted, add a heaping teaspoon of dry milk powder and stir it in well.

Allow the butter to bubble away, swirling the pan frequently, until you can see the browned bits on the bottom of your pan. 

Watch carefully and cook until the solids are a dark honey color. Don't let it get too dark, because burned butter is NOT delicious!

Once the solids are the color you want, pour your super-charged brown butter into a bowl to cool. Be sure to get all those little bits you worked so hard to brown!

Look how beautiful it is. Use it to add a subtle richness and nuttiness to cream soups, mashed potatoes, and more!

Are you hungry yet? Check out the full procedure by clicking below. See the next slide for recipes that use brown butter. Thanks for your interest!

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