Easy Vodka Sauce Recipe


Creamy, Short-Cut Method

This easy sauce starts with store-bought marinara. Add a touch of vodka to bring out all the flavor in the tomatoes, and finish it with cream cheese and Romano for an easy short-cut penne alla vodka!


Olive oil Marinara sauce          pepper flake      Vodka           Cream cheese        Romano Cheese

If your vodka sauce needs a little sweetness, add a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar. It brings sweetness and also a bit of tang. 

Heat oil. Add chili flakes to flavor the oil. Stir in marinara and vodka and reduce for a few minutes. Add cream cheese, Romano, and balsamic (if it needs it).

Toss with al dente penne and a little of the cooking water. Bake as a casserole or serve as-is.  You'll love this short cut vodka sauce, I promise!

You can also use your short-cut sauce as pizza sauce! This is known as "drunken Grandma" pie, and it is as delicious as the name is funny! Add your favorite toppings for a fun twist to pizza night.

Click below to get the recipe for this easy, creamy vodka sauce. I bet you'll want to make it often! Please see the next slide for more pasta recipes. Thank you for your interest!

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