Cinnamon King Cake Cheesecake Recipe

>3 blocks cream cheese >heavy pinch of salt >3 oz granulated sugar >3 oz dark brown sugar >1 Tbsp cornstarch (optional) >4 oz sour cream >1 Tbsp cinnamon >2 tsp vanilla >3 eggs


For smoothest and easiest mixing, make sure all your refrigerated ingredients are at room temperature. This includes: cream cheese sour cream eggs

Mix everything on low-to-medium speed in this order: 1)cream cheese 2)sugar, brown sugar, salt 3)cinnamon and vanilla 4)sour cream 5)Eggs, 1 at a time

The batter will be thick and luscious, so don't rush the process by trying to add all the ingredients at once. As you mix, make sure to scrape the bowl frequently.

Pour/scrape the batter into the Graham cracker crust. If making for Mardi Gras, hide a pecan half somewhere in the batter. The person who gets that slice makes the cake next year!

Smooth the top of the batter with an offset spatula. You can also just shake the pan to level the batter. It will finish smoothing out as it heats in the oven.

Cool the cake in the oven with the door propped open, then on the counter, and then chill. Decorate as desired, but here's what I did for Mardi Gras.

Get the complete recipe, including the cream cheese glaze, by clicking the link below. See the next slide for more Mardi Gras and cheesecake recipes. Thank you!

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