The Perfect Creme Brulee Recipe

Tips and Tricks from a Pastry Chef

The creme brulee ingredient list is short. Making perfect creme brulee is about technique. The recipe takes awhile to make, but it's worth it. Follow all the tips to make your creme brulee perfect!

1 quart heavy cream 200 grams sugar 10 egg yolks (save the whites for macarons) flavoring (vanilla bean, spices, coffee beans, etc) heavy pinch of salt


First, heat the cream with half the sugar and your flavorings. In this photo, we have lemongrass, but it could be split vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks. Bring to a simmer and steep for 30 minutes.

Whisk yolks, remaining sugar, and salt together. Do not leave out the salt.  If you have ever wondered why your creme brulee tasted flat, it's probably because it didn't have salt in it.

Bring cream back to a simmer. Temper into the yolk mixture. Whisk well.  Do not pour back into the pan or you'll overcook the yolks.

Strain custard into a metal bowl and cool quickly in an ice bath. Add any extracts your recipe calls for. For the creamiest creme brulee, chill custard overnight before baking.

Pour batter into ramekins. Pop any bubbles with your torch. Bake in a low oven in a hot water bath until just jiggly in the center. Finished internal temperature should be 165F.

Cool to room temperature and refrigerate until cold. Blot any water from the tops, and add a thin layer of sugar. Tilt to spread evenly. Pour off excess. Brulee evenly with a kitchen torch. 

Cool for a minute so the sugar can harden, then serve. Creme brulee should be hot on top and still cool on the bottom. The perfect bite of different temperatures and different textures.

I’ve made Crème Brule in the past... and this by far is THE BEST!  Silky smooth and worth the time in straining, refrigeration time and slow bake!!!  I did add a vanilla bean...and Grand Marnier!  OUSTANDING! Thank you!


Grab the complete recipe by clicking the link below. Please see the next slide for more custard recipes. Thanks so much for your interest!

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