The Best Candied Nuts Recipe

Cinnamon Glazed Nuts Copycat Recipe

Many candied nuts recipes call for egg white and baking. Those are good, but this version is more like the original, stirring nuts into caramelized sugar. They're so good!

Here's what you'll need to make these addictive candied pecans.

Put sugar, water, salt, and spices in your pan. Add the pecans.

Cook over medium to medium-high heat, stirring the whole time, until the sugar starts to caramelize.

You could leave them shiny and caramelized, but to get that addictive, sandy texture on the outside, you need to encourage the sugar to recrystallize. How? Add a bit more sugar!

Once you add more sugar, keep stirring until the nuts have gone from shiny to dull with sugar crystals all over them.

Spread them out in an even layer on a Silpat-lined pan to cool completely. If any are stuck together, break them apart while still warm.

Serve them as is, or use them in your favorite recipes that call for nuts. Grab the recipe below, and see the next slide for more candy recipes. Thanks!

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