The Best Old-Fashioned Fudge Recipe

Creamy Cocoa Fudge from a Reader's Family Recipe

The Challenge

From a reader: "I ran across a list of ingredients for Granny’s Fudge but no instructions. She is no longer with us, so I can’t ask her about it.  I remember watching her when I was little, but she wouldn’t let me get too close for fear of me getting burned."

I had to give this family back their grandmother's recipe. With the ingredient list in hand, and with the method for making fudge in my head, off I went.

Here's the list she sent. Please see the next slides for amounts and procedure.

>2 cups sugar >1 heaping Tbsp cocoa powder >1 Tbsp corn syrup >1/2 tsp salt >1 cup milk >1 Tbsp butter >1 tsp vanilla >1 cup toasted nuts


1)Everything except vanilla and butter into the pot. 2)Bring to a boil and cook to 234F. 3)Add butter & vanilla. Don't stir!

4)Stir when fudge reaches 110F. 5)Keep stirring until thick and not shiny. 6)Quickly stir in nuts.

Scrape the fudge into a lined pan and let it set up for at least an hour. Cut with a sharp knife. Store at room temperature for up to 5 days.

Grab the complete recipe by clicking below. See the next slide for more candy recipes. Thanks for your interest!

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