The Best Asiago Bagel Recipe

So much better than Panera!

Making bagels is largely about technique. There is nothing special about the ingredients.  The specialness comes from how you make the dough, how you let it rest and shape it, and how you bake it.

Here's what you'll need to make these bagels. See the next slides for amounts and substitutions.

First, you'll make a sponge, or a "pre-dough:" >1 teaspoon yeast (active dry dry or instant) >18 oz bread flour >20.3 oz tepid water


Once sponge has risen, add: >1/2 teaspoon yeast >15 oz bread flour >2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt (I use Morton's) 1 Tbsp malt syrup, dark corn syrup or honey 6 oz diced Asiago cheese.


Bagel dough is stiff and  takes lots of kneading to get smooth and shiny. I highly recommend using a stand mixer so your arms don't fall off! Save your mixer by kneading the cheese in by hand.

Divide into 12 portions, and let rest for 30 minutes. Shape each one: press into a circle, fold 2 edges up, and then roll up like a burrito.

Roll each log into a rope. Then, wrap the rope around your hand, seam side down. Roll firmly on the counter to press the rope into the traditional bagel shape.

Let the bagels rest until they pass the "float test." Only test one.  If it floats, they're ready for the next step. If not, pat the test bagel dry, let rest for 10 more minutes, and test again.

Next step: boil! Water does not have to boil. A high simmer is fine. This step gelatinizes the crust, ensuring a dense, tight, chewy crumb perfect for toasting.

Place bagels back on prepared pans and top with shredded asiago cheese. Bake until deep golden brown and delicious. Allow to cool until warm before cutting and enjoying.

For full recipe and technique, click below. Please see the next slide for more bread and roll recipes. Thanks for your interest!

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