The Best Apple Turnover Recipe

Warmly-Spiced, Buttery Apples in Homemade  Puff Pastry


Once you have your puff pastry sorted, the next step is all about the apples and spicing. Here's what you'll need.

For the most well-rounded apple flavor, use a mixture of apples rather than all of one type. Take the time to dice them uniformly at about 1/4" so they cook quickly and evenly.

Cook the apples in butter. The butter will emulsify into the sauce lending its rich flavor to every single bite. And don't forget the spices.

Once you have your filling made, chill it before filling your squares of puff pastry. Use egg wash to glue your turnovers closed.

Chill your turnovers in the freezer or freeze for up to a month. Brush with egg wash, cut vents in the pastry, and bake until deep golden brown.

For your effort, you get a warm and full apple flavor wrapped in crisp and flaky puff. Worth it! Grab the recipe by clicking below, and please see the next slide for more apple goodness.

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