The Best Lemon Posset Recipe

with Blueberry Gelee


While you only really need 3 ingredients--lemon juice, cream, and sugar--I add a few more for balance, and the blueberry sauce is lovely!

Lemon and blueberry are such a natural match that I like to serve my posset either with a swirl of blueberry sauce in it, poured on top, or just served on the side. Simple & delicious!

The posset itself is very easy to make. Boil cream, sugar, salt, and zest together. Off the heat, add lemon juice and let sit a few minutes. Strain into a pitcher and portion into dishes or ramekins.


Straining your posset into a pitcher allows for easier filling of your ramekins or cups--less mess equals less cleaning up!

If swirling the sauce, thicken it with gelatin or cornstarch--I'll show you both ways in the post. Feel free to leave thickeners out and just pour the blueberry sauce on top at the table.

I think the swirl is a stunning presentation, but feel free to serve it however you choose. If you don't like blueberries, strawberry or raspberry would be a great substitution.

Find the complete recipe by clicking below. And if you love lemon desserts, I have more for you on the next slide. Thanks for your interest!

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