Easy Pasta al Limone  Recipe


Pasta al Limone is Italian for lemon pasta, and you will love the bright lemony flavor of this recipe.

The addition of fish sauce, while not traditional, really makes this dish in much the way an anchovy in Caesar dressing is so lip-smackingly good!

The dish is made in three parts. While the pasta cooks, you'll infuse your olive oil and butter with lemon and garlic.

Once the pasta is done, use pasta water plus lemon juice and fish sauce and butter to finish and emulsify the sauce. Add herbs of choice and some cheese before serving.


I rarely use a colander to drain pasta. It is much safer and easier on your wrists to move the pasta from the pot to your pan of sauce using a skimmer or tongs.

When your sauce is emulsified, it will be silky and thick, lightly coating each strand of pasta with lemony, garlicky goodness. There's a reason this dish is a classic!

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