The Best Butterfinger Candy Bar Recipe

Want to learn to make copycat Butterfinger bars that are crispy and crunchy just like store-bought? Make them any shape you want: minis, fun-sized, full bars. It's your choice. Let's do it!

Here's what you'll need:


1/2 cup corn flakes 8 oz peanut butter 2 t cocoa powder 2 t dry milk powder 8 oz candy corn 2 oz water 2 t molasses 8 oz milk chocolate 8 oz semi-sweet chocolate 1.6 oz coconut oil

Mix peanut butter, dry milk, and cocoa together. Line a half sheet pan with Silpat and sprinkle on the cornflakes.

Cook candy corn and water to 290F. Add molasses and cook to 305F. Stir in peanut butter, dried milk, and cocoa powder. Pour out onto the Silpat right on top of the corn flakes.

When candy is cool enough, roll it and fold it multiple times to create the crispy layers. Work into a rectangle and score the candy deeply so you can break it apart when it is completely cool.

Melt the chocolates together with the coconut oil.

Break apart the centers and dip each in the chocolate mixture. Let cool.

Enjoy every crispy, crunchy bite, and be prepared to accept all the praise!