The Best Snickerdoodles Ever

Snickerdoodles are a popular cookie. I've always thought them a bit bland and boring, so I fixed them. Buttery and cinnamony, they taste like cinnamon toast if cinnamon toast were a cookie!

Here's what you'll need to make what may soon be your favorite snickerdoodles recipe.

One of the nice things about this recipe is you don't need a mixer. Start with really soft butter, and you can use a whisk. Switch to a spatula to mix in the flour. Tada!

The key to a crackly, cinnamony coating is to roll the dough in the sugar mixture twice. A mix of powdered and granulated sugar helps to dry the outside for maximum crispness.

Another tip?  Press the cookies down lightly halfway through baking.  That allows them to be chewy in the centers with homey cracks all over the tops.

Snickerdoodles are the perfect, cozy cookie. Enjoy them with a cup of coffee, and don't forget to leave some out for Santa. Grab the recipe below. See the next slide for more cookie recipes.

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