The Best Peanut Brittle Recipe

For Honey-Roasted Peanut Lovers!

Here's what you'll need to make honey peanut brittle. Please see the next slide for amounts.

1 lb sugar 4 oz honey 4 oz corn syrup 1/2 tsp kosher salt 9 oz peanuts 1 oz butter 1/2 tsp baking soda


Stir together the sugar, honey, corn syrup, and salt along with some water to help make sure the sugar dissolves evenly. Then increase the heat to medium-high.

When it comes to a boil, put the lid on for a minute to wash down the sugar crystals, then remove the lid. Allow the candy to come to 265F, stirring frequently.

Once the candy hits 265F, stir in the peanuts and butter. Continue cooking, stirring very frequently, until it reaches 310F.

Off the heat, stir in the baking soda thoroughly. Notice how it bubbles up and gets foamy like shaving cream. These are wee, tiny bubbles, and they make the candy brittle.

Carefully pour the hot candy onto a Silpat-lined baking sheet. Use an offset spatula to spread it out evenly. TIP: Spray the back of the spatula with pan spray to keep the candy from sticking.

Allow the candy to cool completely, and then break it into pieces of whatever size you like. Store in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

Peanut brittle is an easy and delicious candy, but don't limit yourself to just using peanuts. Use almonds, pecans, pepitas, cashews, or mixed nuts and/or seeds. Make it your own!

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