The Best Bread Pudding Recipe

with Brown Sugar, Warm Spices, and Pecans

It is pretty subjective to call a recipe "the best," but hear me out. This bread pudding recipe features: *warmly spiced custard *cinnamon swirl bread *a sticky topping of brown sugar and pecans.

If that description is doing for you, you can click below to grab the recipe now, or you can read on to see how to make it.


Here's what you'll need to make this hard-to-stop-eating bread pudding.

One of the things that sets this bread pudding apart is that it's "upside down" like you'd make pineapple upside down cake or sticky buns.

Once you have your pecans placed, it's time to fill the pan with cubed cinnamon swirl bread and the pour on the spiced custard.

Let the custard soak into the bread overnight, and then bake it low and slow until it's done. Broil for a moment to add some texture and flavor to what will be the bottom of the pudding.

Once out of the oven, let it rest for a few minutes, and then  turn it out onto a serving platter. You end up with this lovely design and brown sugar goodness on top.

Serve with a simple shower of powdered sugar.  Find complete instructions by clicking below.  Please see the next slide for more bread pudding recipes.

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