Flaky Pate Brisee


French, All-Butter Pie Crust

Everyone needs a great pie crust. Pate brisee is nice and buttery, and it works for both sweet and savory pies. I'll show you how to roll in some layers to ensure it bakes up super flaky.

The ingredients are simple. How you put them together is the trick. I'll teach you how to make a crust that doesn't shrink and bakes up with super thin flaky layers.

Start by tossing flour, salt, and sugar together with very cold butter. Work it in until your flour is fairly mealy with some larger pieces of butter.

Add very cold water, a bit at a time, until it holds together when you squeeze it. You can see this isn't quite ready since the handful falls apart when pressed.

Once it holds together, it will still seem dry, but that's okay. Roll it out, brush with a little water, and quickly fold like a letter one way, and then again the other way.

Start rolling between sheets of parchment, and then switch to a floured surface. Roll the crusts up in parchment, wrap in plastic, and refrigerate for an hour.

Click below for the full recipe as well as how to crimp your crust, how to repair cracks, and how to blind bake. See the next slide for some choice baked goods to make with pate brisee.

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