The Best Fried Cheese Sticks Recipe

3-Ingredient Crispy Fried Mozzarella

Here's what you'll need to make these easy cheese sticks.

First, cut the cheese sticks in half. Then, you'll be setting up a breading station. Pour the instant potatoes onto a plate. This is your dry station.

Whip the eggs with a little kosher salt. This is your wet station. You'll also need a rack set over a sheet pan for your dipped cheese to dry and set.

Dip cheese into the beaten egg. Then roll firmly in the dehydrated potatoes. Make sure the cheese is completely covered. Set aside to dry, and repeat with the rest.

Repeat dipping and rolling one more time. Freeze for 30-45 minutes if cooking right away. Otherwise, put in a freezer bag and fry within a couple of weeks.

Fry the sticks, a few at a time, until crispy and golden brown. Let drain on a rack, and serve warm with marinara sauce or your favorite dip.

The crisp potato crust contrasts with the melted cheese, and who doesn't love potato and cheese? Get the recipe below, and see the next slide for more appetizer recipes. Thank you!

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