Pickled Pear Sorbetto Using Taylor’s Gold Pears #LoveNZFruit

pickled pear sorbetto

I think that most of us in the United States consider pears and apples to be fall and winter fruits. We pair them with warm spices: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg. We roast them; we bake them into pies to be enjoyed around a roaring fire or our Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert tables. We core them and pack them with streusel, nestling them up against each other like eggs in a carton, and bake them until their skins burnish, the fruit softens and the spices permeate our kitchens. No, there is nothing like a pear or apple dessert during the cold months.

Here’s the thing, though. During our summers, autumn pears are in season in New Zealand. Taylor’s Gold Pears are juicy, mellow and taste of mild honey. Their squat little cinnamon-colored bodies are the perfect size to eat chilled and out of hand. A perfect pear, refreshing in the summer and available to us from mid-April through July. Thanks, round earth. Thanks New Zealand for sharing your fruit with us. Because even though berries and peaches abound here, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the unexpected: pears in the summer.

I could totally go for a pear right now! Tell me more.