Summer Salad with Roasted Envy Apple Vinaigrette #loveNZfruit

Summer Salad with Roasted Envy Apple Vinaigrette

I am not a salad girl. I eat them at restaurants so people won’t know that I’m not a salad girl and get judge-y, but short of peer pressure, I rarely eat salad. Look at my recipe index on Ye Olde Blogge. I don’t even have a Salad category. And if I did have a Salad category, it would be populated with all the potato salads and pasta salads my carb loving brain could dream up.

So, after the fun sorbetto I made with NZ pears last month, I decided to challenge myself to make a summer salad using the lovely Envy Apples. And they are lovely, too. I read over on the Envy Apple site that they are a cross between the best of Braeburn and Royal Gala apples, and NZ fruit people, let me just say that you did a Darned Fine Job coming up with these guys.

Ooh, I love a good apple! Let’s hear about this salad.