Peeps Buttercream Jelly Roll | A Fun Easter Dessert Recipe

From the Mad Scientist’s Desk: I melted down Peeps candies into a sugar syrup and used it to make Italian buttercream. The result? This cute and super delicious Peeps Buttercream Jelly Roll for Easter. Enjoy! How I Came Up with Peeps Buttercream I have been ruminating on how to get some Peeps into my Easter […]

Spicy Chili Cheese Dip | Dump and Stir Never Tasted So Good!

I have recently been in snack mode, and today I’m bringing you a recipe for spicy chili cheese dip. The last queso I shared was roux-based. It’s delicious, but it can get a bit grainy if you accidentally allow it to boil. The spicy chili cheese dip relies on the magical base of evaporated milk […]

Champagne Yeast Brioche Bread | Progressive Eats

Friends, hi! It’s Progressive Eats day, and this month, Jane from The Heritage Cook is hosting! Come see what we have going on for a New Year’s Eve Blowout Celebration! (Spoiler Alert: I made champagne yeast brioche bread.) A New Year’s Eve Extravaganza Welcome to another edition of Progressive Eats, our virtual version of a […]

Sweet and Spicy Marinated Grass Fed London Broil | #GotToBeNCBeef

Friends, have I got a treat for you today! I visited one of North Carolina’s (surprisingly) many beef farms a couple of weeks ago, and I am here to tell you all about it in this sponsored post and offer you a wonderful, holiday meal recipe featuring NC Beef: Sweet and Spicy Marinated Grass Fed […]

The Best Hot Fudge Sauce in the World | Ice Cream Tuesday

The best hot fudge sauce in the world |

I have been so focused on posting ice cream that I have neglected ice cream toppings. The sauce I’m sharing today is actually one I shared way back in 2009, but it is worth talking about much more frequently than once every six years. This sauce is the sauce we used to make at the […]

Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake with Biscoff Ganache

Any product links are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting what I do! I love cheesecake so much that I may have to start a cheesecake day on Ye Olde Blogge (and please weigh in on that if you would in the comments: yea or nay). I don’t even have to make a cheesecake for […]

Tangzhong Water Roux Pain au Lait | Perfect Sandwich Bread

tangzhong water roux pain au lait

Let me show you how to use the tangzhong method to make tangzhong water roux pain au lait, quite possibly the most perfect sandwich bread ever. If you are a fan of soft, springy sandwich bread, I’m pretty sure you can’t beat the Tangzhong method. I am by no means an expert, but I’ve baked […]