Cinnamon Cheesecake King Cake

Cinnamon Cheesecake King Cake

Whenever I go into any sort of retail store, but specifically drug stores, I feel like I’ve been shifted forward in time by a few weeks. In September, I’m accosted by leering skulls and flashing eyed reapers, Styrofoam headstones and Bacchanalian heaps of candy. In mid-October, reindeer start making their appearance right next to the black plastic cauldrons and motion activated lights that moan when you pass.

The reindeer are joined by wrappings and trappings, by Santas and Snowmen, ornaments and tinsel, and everything turns red and green.

I feel sorry for Thanksgiving which might get a few feet of shelf space for some autumn-hued napkins and a scarecrow or two.

I feel the same way, but can I have some King Cake now?

My Take on the King Cake

King Cake

Apparently, there are two schools of thought concerning King Cake. School Number One says that “authentic” King Cakes should have a wee baby shoved inside them. They should be seasoned with lemon and contain raisins. Maybe they should have some sort of cream cheese filling. And they absolutely must have purple, gold and green Very […]