Three French Toast Recipes for New Year’s Brunch

Friends, it is time to kiss 2016 goodbye, either with a good riddance or a fond farewell, depending on your perspective. Either way, we will be bidding hello to 2017 in just a couple of days, and what better way than with three French Toast Recipes for New Year’s Brunch? Breakfast on New Year’s Day […]

Sunday Brunch Deep Fried French Toast with Peach-Blueberry Sauce

This is definitely Sunday Brunch Deep Fried French Toast, and here’s why: it fries up puffy and crisp on the outside and soft and pillowy on the inside. Plus, look at it! So impressive! Let me show you how to make it. And that sauce? I made it two ways. You can enjoy it with whole blueberries […]

The World Loves French Toast

See:  Oooooh–French Toast!  There’s a version or eight in tons of countries, whether they call it French toast or pain perdu or roti telur.  But why?  Why does everyone love this stuff?  What makes it so great?  Here are my thoughts.  I know, I know–you’ve been Dying to hear them, right? As with many dishes, […]