Traditional Red Velvet Cake with Ermine Frosting | Old School Goodness!

Today I have a lovely traditional red velvet cake recipe for you. I call it traditional because I frosted it with ermine frosting. Many sources say ermine frosting is the original frosting for red velvet cake and not cream cheese frosting. Let’s get to it, shall we? What’s Ermine Frosting, Anyway? As far as I […]

No-Churn Junior Mint Chocolate Ice Cream | Ice Cream Tuesday

It might not actually be Ice Cream Tuesday today, but I have been selfish long enough, sitting alone and eating this no churn Junior Mint chocolate ice cream all by myself. No more! I disciplined myself to put down the spoon and pick up the camera, and now I’m ready to share with you! I […]

Smoked Caramel Pineapple Ice Cream | Progressive Eats

It’s Grilling Month for Progressive Eats! That gave me an opportunity to use my grill to make some ice cream? What?! Yup–read on and we’ll make some smoked caramel pineapple ice cream together. And it’s no-churn, too!   I really hated summer camp. And when I say I hated it, I am not kidding. I […]

Dessert Poutine for #SundaySupper and #FWCon

I’m going to say right up front that Dessert Poutine is a Maverick recipe. It doesn’t meet the criteria of 1/2 Idaho potato per person for the Idaho Potato Commission’s Recipe Contest for this year’s Food Wine Conference (#FWCon). But, I’m sharing it anyway because: Dessert Poutine is delicious I wanted to show that potatoes […]

Pecan Pie Eclairs from Simply Sweet Dream Puffs

All product links are affiliate links. Thanks for helping me keep the lights on around here! Pecan Pie Eclairs. Yes, you read that correctly. This fantastic mash-up of a dessert combines the light, crisp pate a choux eclair shell with a sweet-savory-sticky pecan pie filling and a generous helping of whipped cream topped by pecan-dusted […]

Chocolate Cherry Almond Gelato with White Chocolate Stracciatella, or Hungry Goddess Ice Cream

It’s Ice Cream Tuesday, and I’m so excited to bring you today’s Tuesday, Chocolate Cherry Almond Gelato with White Chocolate Stracciatella actually on a Tuesday! I developed this ice cream (technically gelato) with my friend Kimberly from Hungry Goddess in mind. She is a blogging and social media dynamo and an entrepreneur, and you can […]

Orange Ricotta Mascarpone Cheesecake with Cranberry Puree and Whipped Mascarpone Cream

I love cheesecake. I could eat my weight in cheesecake. That’s why I rarely make it, because bad things would happen. I am weak in the face of cheesecake, and I know my limitations.

But, it’s The Holidays. And holiday calories don’t count, especially if you don’t cut the dessert into slices but just take little bites off the entire thing. I read it on the Internet. Also, if I put a clothespin on my nose so I can’t smell the cheesecake while I eat it, then it will help me lose weight. I’m pretty sure I read that on the Internet too.

Stop babbling and give me the cheesecake!

105 Delicious Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes Round Up

I grew up in a family with very British roots. Our main dessert on Thanksgiving and Christmas was an English Plum Pudding that was so purple it was almost black. Before serving, my Auntie Ev would light that sucker on fire. At Christmas, we’d all sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” At Thanksgiving, we’d just sort of watch it burn.

Since the plum pudding was the star of the show, any other dessert we had was sort of a throw-away. A small apple pie. Maybe some cookies. Did I mention a small apple pie?

If you come from a family who only ate the same one or two Thanksgiving desserts every year, this round up is for you! With 105 delicious Thanksgiving desserts recipes to choose from, there is something here for everyone.

105 Dessert Ideas?! Sign me up!/span>

Progressive Eats Easy Holiday Cocktail Party Recipes Round Up

I am a member of the Progressive Eats blogging group, but this month I couldn’t play since I’m away from home helping out my mom and dad after he fell and broke his kneecap. Since I couldn’t participate by baking or cooking this time, I want to be sure to share all my fellow bloggers’ recipes, including the wonderful Susan from The Wimpy Vegetarian who took my place this month (thank you so much for your help, Susan)!

Progressive Eats is Barb’s (Creative Culinary) homage to the progressive dinners of the past, where each course would be served at a different home. I’ve been to a couple of progressive dinners, and they are so much fun. They do take a lot of time, however. Our cyber-version is a virtual progressive dinner where you can hop from blog to blog to enjoy each and every course!

This month, Barb hosted a Cocktail Party, and everyone contributed either a cocktail, an appetizer or a dessert. It’s a great line up, and since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought it would be helpful to share everyone’s recipes here.

Super helpful! Show me! /span>

Caramel Coffee Mousse from Passion for Coffee

caramel coffee mousse

I hope you guys remember the cafe bomba from Passion for Coffee I made awhile back. I went on and on about how impressed with Passion for Coffee I am. And nothing has changed. I’ve read more of the recipes, made that delectable coffee Anglaise a few times and this this book is just about the most comprehensive coffee cookbook you’re apt to find.

I chose to share the recipe for Caramel Coffee Mousse because I had never before seen this technique. When I think of a mousse, I think of a dessert based on whipped cream and meringue. Lighter and rich at the same time, made and served cold. As I read through the recipe fr Caramel Coffee Mousse, I was intrigued. The base is mainly egg whites whipped with powdered sugar, flavored with caramelized sugar, coffee and almond. The whole poofy mass gets put in an oven-safe caramel-lined bowl and then baked for an hour in a water bath.

I’m intrigued and must know more!