Peeps Buttercream Jelly Roll | A Fun Easter Dessert Recipe

From the Mad Scientist’s Desk: I melted down Peeps candies into a sugar syrup and used it to make Italian buttercream. The result? This cute and super delicious Peeps Buttercream Jelly Roll for Easter. Enjoy! How I Came Up with Peeps Buttercream I have been ruminating on how to get some Peeps into my Easter […]

Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Bread Pudding with Coffee Custard | Coffee and Donuts

Whether you call this baked French toast and serve it for brunch or you call it bread pudding and serve it for dessert, you should make this chocolate glazed doughnuts bread pudding at your earliest convenience. While many folks enjoy their doughnuts with a cup of coffee, I flavored the custard with espresso powder so […]

Peppermint Bark Brownie Bark | Brownie Brittle Copycat

Today I’ve made you some peppermint bark brownie bark. I know that sound redundant, but it’s brownie bark–copycat Brownie Brittle–that has chopped up peppermint bark both in the batter and pressed on top. Let’s make some, shall we?   How to Turn a Brownie Recipe Into Brownie Bark I researched plenty of copycat Brownie Brittle […]

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Hi, friends! Today I have made you some chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies! They’re gluten-free, rich and fudgy, just pepperminty enough, and filled with tiny pieces of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. Let’s talk a bit about how I made them and then get on with the recipe.I looked at about a dozen chocolate crinkle cookie […]

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie with Snowman Crust Applique

Inspired by my friend Renee’s absolutely adorable turkey crust pumpkin pie, I decided to get crafty with my crust treatment and came up with this Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie with Snowman Crust Applique. The pie is delicious, and you can use the same techniques Renee and I used to come up with your own cute […]

Hawaiian Roll French Toast Muffins with Apple Cider Syrup

I’m so glad you’re here, because I made some Hawaiian Roll French Toast Muffins. And apple cider syrup to pour on them. And streusel! Let’s get baking, y’all! If you are a fan of King’s Hawaiian Bread and French Toast and streusel and syrup, you are going to love these little Hawaiian Roll French Toast […]

No-Churn Orange-Cardamom Pumpkin Ice Cream

Hello friends! Two quick things today. First, I made some no-churn orange cardamom pumpkin ice cream for you. Second, you’ll want some sauce to go with it. Fortunately for you, I guest posted over on my friend Jane’s blog, The Heritage Cook, and she is sharing both the ice cream and the sauce recipes over […]

Vegan Mango Pineapple Fool | Progressive Eats

It’s Progressive Eats time again, and this month, it’s all about Caribbean flair! I made some light, summery and oh so refreshing vegan mango pineapple fool to celebrate. Let’s make some together! When I heard that this month’s theme was Taste of the Caribbean (thank you, Coleen, for hosting!) I knew exactly what I was […]

Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream (No Churn, Fig Swirl Optional)

This chocolate caramel ice cream is the best chocolate ice cream you’ll ever have. The caramel base adds a lot of complexity without taking over. Let’s make some, shall we? As someone who develops recipes and tries to stand out from the crowd a bit, one of my most difficult tasks is to come up […]