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Friends, hi! It’s Progressive Eats day, and this month, Jane from The Heritage Cook is hosting! Come see what we have going on for a New Year’s Eve Blowout Celebration! (Spoiler Alert: I made champagne yeast brioche bread.) A New Year’s Eve Extravaganza Welcome to another edition of Progressive Eats, our virtual version of a […]

New Year’s Communion Bread: Champagne Yeast Pita

When I got together with Nadine on Christmas Eve, not only did we visit and exchange gifts, but we also nailed down the first Communion bread of 2015. I suggested that, since it was New Year’s I could bake with champagne yeast and also use some wine in the bread. She agreed. If that doesn’t sound very nailed down to you, you’re not wrong. But at least I had a plan.

I went to American Brewmasters in Cary, NC to grab some champagne yeast. I talked to John who was On Duty on New Year’s Eve, and he told me that champagne yeast makes a very ton of bubbles. He was also intrigued with the idea of using brewer’s yeast to bake bread. I have done it before, and I showed him my Four Loaves of the Apocalypse post. With John’s blessing, I left with the champagne yeast and a plan to use very little of it so the bubbles wouldn’t get totally out of control. I figured that pita would be a good place to start. If champagne yeast really does get crazy with bubble-making, I figured, the structure of the bread might not stand up to it. Best to work with a flat bread first and then go from there.

Sounds festive! Bring it on!

The Four Loaves of the Apocalypse, or Baking with Brewers’ Yeast

More baking with brewers yeast with my Champagne Yeast Pita and Champagne Yeast Brioche Sometimes I get crazy ideas.  Like using “I Can Spell” as my campaign slogan for class secretary in 5th grade.  Or bringing my mom a plastic boat when the washing machine overflowed and flooded the kitchen.  I mean, she did say to […]