Navigating Pastry Chef Online

Where am I? You're at Pastry Chef Online!

Pastry Chef Online Welcome

I am so glad that you have found me at Pastry Chef Online! But now what? The Internet is so busy with so much to see and do and learn, and so many cat videos to watch, that I cannot possibly expect you to read my entire site. 

People have read my entire site and have said they learned more from me than they did in culinary school! I'm honored to be of such help.

But for those of you who just need specific information, here's a cheat sheet for how to navigate my site--where to go to find what you need.

Navigating Pastry Chef Online

navigating pastrychefonline |

What You're Looking ForWhere to Find It
Can you help me with a baking question?Sure! Email Me!
Do you have any pound cake recipes?Here are all My Pound Cake recipes.
Do you have some tips for making my desserts turn out like restaurant desserts?I do! See Restaurant Style
How do I mix cake batters?See my Basic Mixing Methods Page
I love bread. Do you have a bread section?I do. I have recipes and tutorials for Breads and for Sweet Breads
What are your most popular posts?Great question! Here are my top five most popular blog posts:

Cool Whip Substitutes


The Muffin Method

Pate de Fruits

How to Make American Buttercream
What Fundamental Baking Skills should I master?Here are all my Fundamental Friday Posts
What's it like to work in a professional kitchen?Read my Post A Pastry Chef's Day
What's the purpose of different ingredients in baking?Read about them on the Ingredient Function page
Are you on social media? Can I follow you?I'd love to connect with you on social media! You can find me here:

Google +

And follow me on SnapChat, too. Just aim your SnapChat camera at my SnapCode to add me!


Or find me there by user name. I'm PastryChfOnline

I hope you've found this chart helpful. Keep it handy--maybe bookmark it. I'd love to be a solid resource for all your baking and pastry questions and recipe requests. Keep in touch with me, and I look forward to seeing you soon!