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Food52 Cookbook 001Welcome to the Food 52sdays page! Here's where I'll post links to all the Food 52sdays posts and Recipe Inspirations.

Oh, wait. You don't know what Food 52sdays are?  It's a bi-weekly series that uses one of the recipes from The Food52 Cookbook for inspiration. I'll post the inspiration recipe on a Tuesday, and then the following Tuesday, I'll post what I made--whether I follow the recipe to the letter or just make a loose interpretation of it.

Readers and/or other bloggers are welcome and encouraged to participate. Tune in to find the recipe inspiration for that week and then post your own interpretation or iteration of the dish on the next Tuesday. You are welcome to post links to your posts in the comments section, and if I'm feeling kicky, I might even try to figure out that Linky thing so we can all link up.  That's a big step for me, though, so no promises!

Not only did The Beloved and I find a lot of recipe inspirations in The Food52 Cookbook, we also thought that most of them could be interpreted or reinterpreted in many new and interesting ways.  This series will be based on the 21 recipes that we found most interesting/tasty sounding/unique/comforting in the first edition of the cookbook. We hope you'll be inspired to join in, or at the very least to go cook and bake quietly in your own kitchen!


Thank you, Food52, for the inspiration. What a fantastic site!








  1. says

    I’m clueless about te linky thing, too…had to laugh!! Would luv to throw my hat in the ring…so when’s March recipe posted…or what’s the drill?? Great fun!!

    • says

      Something happens every Tuesday–I present a recipe inspiration on one Tuesday, and the next, whoever participates posts or shares here or on the facebook wall their recipe interpretation.  So, this Tuesday, 3/6 will be our interpretation of Sonali’s mashed potato dish. Next Tuesday, 3/13, I’ll post the next inspiration. And that’s how it’ll run until we’re out of dishes. I think The Beloved and I chose 21 recipes from the cookbook. Glad you’re going to play along.

  2. Tracy says

    Hello! I am new to this website and am so upset I wasn’t able to participate in the Food 52 days dialogues. I hope you you choose another cookbook once you have completed this one, I really like the idea.

    • says

      Tracy, you can start participating whenever you want! I still have probably another 10-11 recipes to get through. You don’t need to own the book because all the recipes are also printed on the Food52 Website (although I’d urge you to get the book–all 140 recipes are solid). I’ll be posting an interpretation tomorrow and then will have the new inspiration post up on 7/24, so please feel free to jump in whenever you’d like!

  3. Lora @cakeduchess says

    Fantastic idea, Jenni. I love their site too. A fun way to try new and delicious recipes from their site:)

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