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  1. Terry Karnes says

    Have a question – I’ve come across some cute pastries that have a jam type topping on them. They usually have a cookie/cake base, a mouse type filling, and then the shinny jam on top. They hold their shape fairly well, and seems like you could peel the top jam layer off. Could you tell me what the jam type recipe could be? Is a perhaps a processed jam that has jello added to it?

    • says

      Good call on the Jello! A lot of time the glaze on fresh fruit tarts is made with gelatin, but that can be a problem since vegetarians can’t eat it. When I glaze a fresh fruit tart/other pastry, I usually use heated and strained apricot jam thinned with just a touch of water. It doesn’t add a lot of its own color, especially after straining and has a lovely, neutral sharp/sweet flavor that enhances most fruit. Hope that helps, Terry.

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